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Yoga therapy. Diagnostics. Consultations. Comprehensive troubleshooting methods.

Heal yourself ! Straighten you back!


During International Esoteric Festival "Destiny's Gift" IHHRC and Human Studio TAO:

19.09.2015     15.00-15.25  International Human Health Research Centre (IHHRC)

20.09.2015    13.30-14.00   Human Studio TAO , IHHRC.


Lecture with practical exercises and video presentation will be held on the main stage

Quick diagnosis of already manifested signs of imbalance in the body of the organism during the days of the exhibition.

Instant express diagnostics based on already manifested signs of imbalance in the body. Pulse diagnosis and other testing methods are being used. Already obvious illnesses and the once which do not show any apparent symptoms yet are being demonstrated to patients. Unique healing yogic methods of disease elimination are being used. Yoga therapy, psychic and healing.

As part of the International Esoteric Festival "Destiny's Gift" wishing attendees will have an opportunity to be diagnosed by Human Health Research Centre experts (IHHRC) followed by a lottery for a possibility to get a personal appointment  to be diagnosed, consulted and instructed by Sergij TAO.

Sergij TAO / Sergij Ivanovs-Galvinsh / Sergijs Ivanovs-Galviņš - Yoga therapist, Healer. He used unique techniques and practices to help himself to recover from a disability and now he is helping others. Sergij is an author of books and series of training programs in yoga and healing which served as a base of many educational programs in Latvia and a number of other countries. President of Latvian Professional Yoga Federation, chairman of the union of organizations TAO Centre (TAO centr). Head of the S.A.Vronsky Memorial Fund. Plenipotentiary representative of the International Human Health Research Centre (IHHRC) in the European Union and Asia. Member of the International Day of Yoga Board Committee, this event was conducted under the auspices of the UN since 2015 and is held in 179 countries around the world.

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyTq-6hU_1l8quJR8FScmbQ  IHHRC youtube channel


Diagnostics. Consultations. Comprehensive troubleshooting methods.

Yoga therapy.
Heal yourself! Straighten you back!